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Tips for a balanced lifestyle

There is a lot of talk these days about balance. Balancing happiness and money or balancing parenting and career or materialistic lifestyle and environmentalism. Often the choices we are given are just plain too many in number to really deal with on a daily basis. That being said here is my take on finding a balance in your own life.

First, don't worry about anything else until your basic survival needs are met. Those come first. Once those are met then and then can you add other things into your day/week/month.

Second, connect with someone you care about each day. Your significant other, your kid(s), friend(s), coworker(s), somebody, anybody. Having strong connections to others is the determining factor for how happy you will be in life. Compassion can take you a long way in life, too.

Third, work on getting one thing (or part of one thing) off your to do list each day that falls outside of the survival needs.

Fourth, do one thing each day that brings you joy. Now this could be something really simple like singing a song, reading a book to yourself or your child, calling a friend, cooking a meal for someone else, walking in nature, playing a game, talking a bath, etc. It doesn't have to be something that takes very long but it does need to be something you enjoy. Once you have worked out doing something each day that brings you joy then...

Fifth, add in a self improvement piece. It could be reading a book to improve your work life or learn a new skill, an educational course, a fitness class, a parenting seminar, a religious event, etc. The possibilities here are endless. Self improvement education leads us to discover our passions in life. Once we know what our passions are then we can work toward having more of them in our daily lives.

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